Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A job i'd love....if i cared to spend another ten years in school

I don't know weather im in the majority or the minority...but as a whole i am exceptionally happy with my career choice. I love teaching. I've always related well to kids, and to be able to make learning accessible and fun really excites me. I get the chance to exercise my creativity and feel like i am making a difference in students life's, not only academically. I adore my students.
As most people know im also currently in school for my masters in reading and literacy. Being the bookworm that i am, i can only imagine that i will be fully satisfied working as a reading specialist and sharing my love for on a compleatly diffrent note if i had it to do all over again...or if i had more time to do more....i feel i stumbled upon the perfect career(and no not an actress ....i leave that one for my more talent friends : ) )
Sign Language Interpreter. I have always had a passion for sign language from a young age. My signing is not great and much of it is self taught, but ive also picked up some things over the time i've worked at A.E.R.O. As a sign language interpreter i would have the opportunity to put voice and feeling being the words of the individual who is deaf/communication impaired *( Note to people, im big on using people first language. its the boy with autism, not the autistic boy, the girl with diabetes...not the diabetic girl, lets not define people with their disabilities)* I've always been able to express myself well....some (well ok,most) people would say i tend to talk a little too much.... I have a passion for words, expression, and vocabulary....yes i know im a dork but to be able to put my voice to someone Else's words, to help them express themselves, and communicate more successfully, would not only be amazing...but a privilege. As the aunt to a child with a disability * Kaleb is 18 months old and diagnosed with cerebral palsy and Schizencephaly*maybe i will get the opportunity to help the words of someone i love, come to life.
..................i could also just run away and become a continental traveler...or pirate.

Ps. by the way to learn more about Schizencephly you can visit this page.

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